Customer Testimonials

Farrah Parent of 11, 14 and 17 year old
Brilliant course. Cherie was very knowledgeable and helpful. This course has motivated me to get out of the home and build on my confidence levels regarding my learning and parenting abilities.
Amina Parent of 3 and 5 year old
I didn't think I would be able to learn as much as I did. I have been able to to help my
children with their learning and have learnt the importance of vocabulary and maths in everyday life.
Ambika Pindoria Parent of 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter.
Cherie brings a breath of fresh air to being a parent. I have benefited from Cherie's input for two sessions and I have already seem marked improvements in my children's communication towards me. The positivity from Cherie has helped me understand that I am not alone in the day to day challenges I am facing in bringing up my children and I am actually a fabulous parent but worries a lot. I have no hesitation in recommending Cherie as a 'super parent coach'. I urge anyone who wants to enjoy happier, healthier parenting to contact Cherie.
Caron Keeley Early Years Coordinator in a Primary School.
I found the coaching sessions with Cherie to be a very worthwhile experience . Cherie was very approachable and friendly, but at the same time I felt that confidentiality was not an issue at all, which was reassuring.
Cherie started by asking questions which led on to me identifying areas I wish to change/move on in both my professional senior leadership role within a primary school and my personal life. Cherie was a very good listener and picked up on issues that are important to me and needed some changes to take place. Cherie made me realise that no issue is too big to tackle as long as small, achievable goals are set within a sensible time frame. I have already made a few small changes which have impacted hugely on my work-life balance and general well-being by reducing my stress levels. Simple solutions which just needed time to discuss and think through before putting them into action. Again, I am using the strategies Cherie has shown me to help tackle newly identified goals. I am very grateful to Cherie for helping to move both my professional and personal life on in different but very important ways.
N McGarry, Dyslexia Teacher
I found the coaching sessions with Cherie a very positive and extremely helpful experience. I am really surprised at the number of things that I have achieved in a relatively short space of time. Without the coaching, I would probably have only achieved a tenth of those things! I feel that the coaching inspired and motivated me into action and that it also kept me on track. The coaching helped me to think very carefully about what I wanted to be doing and made me realise that I myself could be much more proactive in my outlook and how I could set about to achieve my goals .
A Green
I found Cherie and the whole coaching experience very positive. I discovered myself finding the positives in things, even when they seemed difficult or a struggle. I always kept my goals in mind and through the coaching sessions I strived towards them and as a result achieved what I had set out to do.
A Wilson, Traffic Engineer
I was hesitant about starting the coaching process with Cherie as I wasn't sure what (if any) benefits it would provide me. Little did I know that it was a start of a process that would improve my quality of life and help refocus on the things that were truly important to me.