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Are you looking for a non- judgmental sounding board

Are you a single parent who is feeling totally overwhelmed

Are you struggling with the day to day stresses of being a parent

Are you fed up with feeling inadequate as a parent

Are you searching for simple strategies and tools that could help you parent

Are you always comparing yourself and your children to other families

Are you looking to excel as a parent

If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, then congratulations, you have taken the first step in recognising something has to change.

Cherie is an expert in supporting parents to identify the strengths within their families and help them to develop plans to address any challenges they are facing, to enable parents to be The Best Parents They Can Be .

About Cherie

Cherie is the Chief Executive, a qualified Parent Coach accredited with a distinction from the Coaching Academy and has a Bachelor of Education degree with honours. She has a wealth of experience of working with children, parents and teachers, in various establishments for thirty years, initially as a nursery nurse for five years and then twenty five years as a Primary school teacher. Cherie has been a teacher mentor, course tutor in Further education, delivered various training in schools and a Teacher Coach.

Cherie is a mother to a 23 year old daughter, 20 year old son and 20 year old stepson. She has been married, divorced , a single parent, a stepmum and remarried.

Having worked with thousands of parents, in her various roles, Cherie has supported parents in many situations, enabling them to overcome the challenges of parenting and become the Best Parents They Can Be.

What will you gain if you work with Cherie?

  • Expertise from a coach who is passionate about supporting parents to become The Best Parent They Can Be.
  • Understanding and empathy of the frustrations, anxieties, bewilderment and soul searching parents do, as they look for the right things to do and say.
  • An opportunity to reflect on your current parenting, explore skills and techniques to bring out the best in your children and yourself.
  • Improved confidence in your ability to parent.
  • Become The Best Parent You Can Be for yourself and your unique family.
  • Ongoing support as you work through the steps of the coaching process.

Ask yourself this question , if you don't take action today, what changes will actually happen for you and your family ?

If you stop in your tracks and think about the huge responsibility you have as a parent, it can take your breath away. What you do and say over the years will have a huge influence on whether your child will grow up well balanced, independent and lead the life where they achieve their potential.Some parents find it easier than others, if you feel you need support, CONTACT ME today.

Contact Cherie for a FREE 20 minute Parent Consultation phone session, to discover what changes you need to make to Move Your Life and Your Family's Life Forward. It costs nothing to talk, so take the first step today.

What I Do

Specialising in working with Parents in Chingford and throughout the UK that need a helping hand through the struggles they may encounter as parents during the stages from birth to adulthood.
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